• Port City Brewing Company (map)
  • 3950 Wheeler Avenue
  • Alexandria, VA, 22304
  • United States

The Power of Positive Drinking comedy syndicate is back! The laughs start at 7 p.m. and there will be plenty of opportunities for beer top offs without missing the show.

Power of Positive Drinking pt. 49: “You Goin’ My Way?”

It can get kinda lonely out there on the road as an entertainer. Nothing but you, your thoughts, half-eaten fast food and cans of stale Monster Energy drink as you put mile after mile behind you, trying to make it from one sad gig to another. Sometimes you just want to pull off the highway to find a friendly face, some room to stretch your legs and place where you take a dump in peace without reading racist graffiti carved into the walls or worrying about getting a staph infection from the toilet seat. So we at the Power of Positive Drinking have decided to turn on a beacon for all those hapless wanderers out there who travel from coast to coast slinging laughs to crowds of strangers. The comedians on this show come from far and wide to share a few chuckles with you fine folks. So come on out and make ’em feel at home.

The tasting room opens at 4. We will be serving our delicious BBQ starting at 5:30. Port City will be giving a public tour at 6:30, reserve your spot here!.

Today's Menu

Smoked Chicken Wings with Cilantro Cream

Smoked Duck Ham Skewers with Maniacal Mustard

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Mac & Cheese

Chesapeake Potato Salad