We love catering southern style weddings, it is after all, our specialty!  There’s something warm, traditional, and cozy about the decorations, the togetherness, the memorable day that makes it all feel so ethereal.  Here we’ve collected some little ideas that we love that are southern inspired!

Stephanie and Chris’ wedding at Stone Tower Winery

Stephanie and Chris’ wedding at Stone Tower Winery

Of Course, Mason Jars!

We don’t care what anyone else says, everyone LOVES mason jars!  They’re adorable, fancy, and a classic piece. We love them for gorgeous centerpieces, side table accents, water glasses and even hanging decor! Check out these adorable mason jar ideas!

Image via  happywed.com

Image via happywed.com

Outdoor Games!

What better way to make your wedding an event to remember with some good ol’ fashion backyard games!  We encourage for your spring or summer-inspired wedding to have some giant jenga, cornhole, and ring toss!  Getting everyone involved and laughing is the best recipe for the perfect wedding. Check out these Outdoor Wedding Games!

The Bouquet

There’s nothing in this world like watching the stunning bride walking down the aisle.  We are obsessed with bouquets and love this Southern Wedding Flowers board by Valarie Connel on Pinterest!

Romantic Lighting

Gorgeous lighting can make the evening feel magical, as if being surrounded by glowing stars and transported somewhere else.  It helps to set the romantic, spell-binding mood and makes for absolutely stunning photos. We couldn’t help but grovel at these 20 Romantic Lighting Ideas by the Wedding Wire.  

Stephanie and Chris’ wedding at Stone Tower Winery

Stephanie and Chris’ wedding at Stone Tower Winery

Food Catering

Of course you want your food to be something your guests will fall in love and will also fit your theme!  We create authentic, southern styled BBQ and have catered to many weddings and have received five star ratings.  We are here for the couple’s needs and love nothing more than to cater at your next wedding! Fill out our contact form here!

The Dress

When you find the dress of your dreams, it’s every woman’s intuition that she just knows.  Nowadays there’s so many options for your dress, long sleeve or short, open back, high neck, lace, mermaid, off the shoulder, all of it drastically varies.  Our recommendation is to ask and trust your wedding dress consultant and trust your gut! You want to feel comfortable and yourself, not agree to what your family and friends think while being miserable.  Check out all the gorgeous styles on Pinterest here!

Demi and Nathan’s Wedding at 48 Fields

Demi and Nathan’s Wedding at 48 Fields

Unique and Stunning Centerpieces

Candles, geometric boxes, lamps, circular wood, there are so many options for centerpieces!  But for a southern-style wedding we fell in love with these stunning and unique centerpieces!

DC Venues We Love

We’ve had the opportunity to cater some stunning weddings at some absolutely breath-taking venues!  We’ve created another blog article on “Top 10 Venues Near DC to Host Your Wedding or Next Corporate Event” based off of the venues we fell in love with and highly recommend!