Company picnics are the perfect way to let loose, get outside, team-build and shake off those dreary winter months!  In our previous blog, “Top 10 Venues Near DC to Host Your Wedding or Corporate Event”, we discuss some surreal and amazing venues that would be ideal for a company picnic weekend retreat, wine tasting at vineyards, or how about a catered event at a barn with some giant chess, jenga, or other fun outdoor games?  Here we put together a list of ideas to make your company picnic one that the whole team won’t ever forget!

Planning out a company picnic can be daunting, it helps if you have an event coordinator or project manager take on this roll.  It’s best to find out how many people are going, number of family members, and estimating budgets. But, we will just jump right into the more exciting stuff!

  1. It’s All About the Venue!

Depending on how many staff and their families are joining, you will have to look at the venue size and capacity.  It would be also good to find out if they allow outside entertainment and what entertainment they already provide. Knowing details even a year in advance will make all the difference!  Check out these inspiring corporate picnic photos!

2. The Right Time

Booking the location needs to be planned out in advance, some venues might already be booked out for weddings or other company events, or some staff may be on vacation.  Making sure you book the appropriate venue in advance is key!

3. Food, Food and More Food!

Of course, being a catering company we are all about the FOOD (which we believe is the most important factor).  Having enough food at your company picnic, and to have fresh food all throughout the day, is key to keeping people happy!  We offer delicious southern hospitality style BBQ that will keep them satiated all day long!

All our guests said the food was excellent!!! We knew it would be as we keep using Old Blue for events. Pulled pork, salmon, pig candy and squash casserole were [the] biggest hits.”
— Whitney C.

4. Games & Entertainment Ideas

We’ve collected some great entertainment ideas that we absolutely love!  Here’s a list of our top ideas:

  • Face painters

  • Live bands

  • Carnival game booths

  • Inflatables

  • Craft Stations

  • Petting zoo

  • Giant slides

  • Tug-of-War

  • Team Relay Race

  • Raffles

  • Group Bingo

  • Pie Eating Contest

  • Bubble Ball

  • Sack Race

5. Theme Ideas

You can easily turn your company picnic into a themed event!  Some great ones are Western/Rodeo, Luau, Olympics, International, Carnival, Safari, Oversized Fun,  Sports and many more! If you want a list of more great company picnic themes and ideas check out our article, “15 Creative Company Picnic Themes to Have Year!”

We love watching families and friends come together for bonding moments, that’s why at Old Blue BBQ we love catering to events such as these!  We take pride knowing that we are part of a special moment, including company bonding which we feel is extremely important! Let us help cater some of our southern style BBQ at your company picnic this year!